Expert Project Management

  • Custom Designs
  • Restoration
  • Drawings
  • Modeling
  • Quotations

Custom Designs

Balmer Architectural Mouldings Inc. works with architects and designers to achieve new custom designs. The starting point can vary according to the situation, and can begin with a client's

  • Sketch
  • Drawing
  • Photograph
  • Modification of an existing moulding
  • Recreation of an existing decoration or fragment

The nature of cooperation can be varied with the following options:

  • Complete Design, incorporating precise historical reference where appropriate.
    • Design Drawings
    • Workshop drawings
    • Mock-ups
    • Samples
  • Design Support
    • Consultation and Advice on suitable decorative mouldings
    • Shop Drawings
  • Technical Support
    • Translate the proposed design in workable and cost effective schemes
    • Includes method statements
    • Workshop drawings




  • Balmer Architectural Mouldings Inc. is capable of partnering with clients to perfectly restore historical interiors.
  • There are several key phases in a restoration project:
    • A Site Survey is the first step to assess the integrity and scope of the existing architecture and mouldings.
    • During this initial phase, Balmer Architectural Mouldings Inc. works with local building preservation authorities to ensure all restoration work follows the proper guidelines.
    • After completing the Survey, Balmer Architectural Mouldings Inc. provides a report describing the condition of the existing decorative plaster work.
    • Following a discussion with the client of the project's scope, Balmer Architectural Mouldings Inc. provides a Budget Cost Analysis with full explanations of the technical issues involved.
    • If the client is interested in moving forward with the restoration project, Balmer Architectural Mouldings Inc. provides a formal Quotation. This provides the client with our in-house resources for drawing, modeling, crafting, and installing the mouldings to return the interior to its original beauty.


  • Balmer Architectural Mouldings Inc.'s Project Managers interpret our clients's architectural drawings to create shop and installation drawings on CAD workstations for client review.
  • We then work closely with our clients to ensure that the details are perfected to the designer's specifications, and engineered for flawless installation.



  • Next, our artisans utilize the approved CAD drawings to work with clay, plaster, steel, and wood to build original models with perfectly defined enrichments.
  • Model making is a process of translation and creation.
  • Knowledge of materials, prototyping, and manufacturing techniques enable Balmer Architectural Mouldings Inc. craftsmen to refine drawings into physical models.
  • At every step in the process of translating sketches into models, the experience and skill of Balmer's artisans is critical to the creation of a three dimensional prototype that perfectly matches the designer's vision in scale and detail.
  • Balmer additionally provides unique modeling capabilities that utilize 3D printing technology.



  • Most of the projects in which Balmer participates are quoted and delivered on a supply and install basis with Balmer Certified Installers provided on the site.
  • For a custom quotation, initial tooling costs include the shop drawing, enrichment sculpting, and the creation of a model and a mould.
  • Gypsum plaster castings can be produced to meet your requirements at any size. We are pleased to offer our recommendations and accurate quotations to contractors, designers, and architects


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