Gypsum Defined

  • Casting Materials

Casting Materials

  • Balmer Architectural Mouldings Inc.'s principal casting materials are plasters and gypsum cement, collectively referred to as Gypsum.
    • Gypsum: a naturally occurring mineral composed of Hydrated Calcium Sulfate (CaSO4).   
  • Gypsum plaster is cast in a mould, and then depending on the application, it is reinforced with glass fibers, burlap, jute, or steel.
  • Gypsum castings are appropriate for ornamental, non-structural use.
  • Plaster mouldings will not warp, rot, or require finish sanding.
  • In all formulations gypsum is non-combustible and non-toxic.
  • Balmer Architectural Mouldings Inc. gypsum elements are reinforced with glass fiber or burlap to increase durability during shipment and installation.

Gypsum Cement
Balmer Architectural Mouldings Inc. also produces custom fabrications in gypsum cement, which is perfect for interior spaces such as wall panels, fireplace mantels, or door and window casings that require a more durable finish.

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Gypsum Defined
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