" I wanted to take time out of my hectic day to express thanks to you and your firm for all of the help you have provided me. Over the many years that we have done business, Balmer's ability to understand, design, engineer and execute our many variations of high end design is well appreciated.
      As you are aware, some of our clients tend to change designs after approvals thus affecting your production schedules. Balmer has always accommodated these interruptions on a professional level and has, in some cases, been able to hold the original delivery date.
      In today’s market it is always nice to deal with a firm that is tried and true knowing that their product will be the top of the line for our customers to enjoy."

Richard Hanington
Senior Project Manager

Kean Development Co. Inc.
5 Main Street
Cold Spring Harbor, NY 11724

    " I have worked with Balmer Architectural Mouldings Inc. on numerous occasions and the experience has always been a pleasure. What impresses me most is their ability to create custom pieces that meet the exacting needs of our clients. From large to small projects they take the same care to meet tight schedules and budgets. I have recommended them to all of my fellow workers. "


Kevin Piraino
Project Executive

Shawmut Design and Construction, Inc.
3 East 54th Street 9th Floor
New York, NY 10022

     " Smith Architectural Group has collaborated with Balmer on numerous projects over the years.
    The success of these endeavors starts with their ability to take design drawings and product engineered detailed shop drawings from which intricate ceilings, friezes and pilasters are molded and fabricated to exacting specifications.
    They have the unique ability to blend "old world" craftsmanship with modern production techniques, thereby allowing them to complete complicated projects on tight schedules.
    The additional capability of providing installation of their work assures a finished product of unparalleled quality."

Jeffery W. Smith
Principal Associate

Smith Architectural Group, Inc.
206 Phipps Plaza
Palm Beach, Florida 33680

    "Newbury North Associates, Inc. has worked with Balmer Architectural Mouldings for the past 9 years. Over this period of time we have used Balmer Architectural Mouldings on four estate homes ranging in size from 10,000 sq. ft. to 28,000 sq.ft. Balmer continues to meet and exceed Newbury North's expectations on every project no matter what design, profile or scope is given to them. In the opinion of Newbury North Associates, Inc. their quality of fabrication and quality of installation have been unmatched."


David S. Rogers

Newbury North Associates, Inc.
1010 Central Avenue
Naples, FL 34102

   "Over the years it has become very clear why we only use Balmer for all our architectural plaster moldings.
     It is not the quality of their product, which is excellent! Nor that they keep their promised delivery date, or that it comes properly packed to avoid any chance of damage in shipping. It is not even their competitive pricing.
     Simply, it is their dedication to service and their uncompromising duty to take care of their client's desires.
     I come from a family of plasterers and have had my own business for over 24 years. There is no other company we will use."


Douglas P. Reetz

436 West 18th Street 971-7501
New York, NY 10011

    "Balmer Architectural Mouldings stands as an international hallmark of design and craft excellence in plaster moldings and decoration that has stood the test of time just as it promises to sustain an exacting, exemplary standard for generations of architects and builders to come.
    The Institute of Classical Architecture & Classical America first had the privilege of knowing and working with Balmer as they helped build our national headquarters in New York.  From this home base, we serve a growing network of regional chapters now numbering fifteen.  We are always glad to welcome visitors and describe this civic-minded contribution, including as it does what we call our Soanian Wall featuring 29 superbly cast molding paradigms by Balmer from across classical design history.
    Likewise, Balmer's ongoing program sponsorship helps us teach practitioners, students, and an appreciative general public alike. 
    Today's renaissance in traditional methods and application of historical precedent has been kindled in considerable  measure by those like Balmer who have persisted even in the most skeptical of creative contexts.  When next in New York, I welcome you in for a personal inspection!"

Paul Gunther

The Institute of Classical Architecture & Classical America
20 West 44th Street,
New York NY 10036

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