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Benefits of Plaster Molding

Plaster molding is an age-old art form that has recently experienced a new surge in popularity. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, plaster molding is also highly functional. Artists, craftsmen, and technicians work together to create plastic molding that is elegant, durable, and stunning. Plaster molding can be used in a wide variety of applications.


What Is Plaster Molding?

Plaster molding is a metalworking casting process that uses plaster of paris, also known as gypsum plaster, as a molding material. However, pure plaster of paris is not used; additives are used to improve its durability, permeability, and castability.

The plaster is manufactured in various formulations, according to the hardness and durability that's required. Typically, metal patterns are used to give plaster molding its shape, but rubber molds may also be utilized in order to create more complex shapes.

The Advantages of Using Plaster Molding

Accurate and Safe

There are numerous advantages to using plaster molding. For one, plaster molding has an excellent surface finish and good dimensional accuracy. Plaster molding does not swell or shrink. It is also safer than other types of molding because it has a zero-flame spread rating and is noncombustible. Moreover, it does not produce toxic fumes.

Due to the low thermal conductivity and heat capacity of plaster, the metal frame cools more slowly in plaster than it does in other types of molds. As a result, the metal can fill thin cross-sections for complex parts.

Efficient and Cost-Effective

Unlike wood molding, which is labor intensive, plaster molding is cost-effective because molds can be used to repetitively cast interior elements and hand carving is not required. In addition, no sanding is required with plaster molding, which means that it can be primed and painted once it is installed. Furthermore, plaster molding produces minimal scrap material in comparison to other molding techniques.

Previously, plaster molding was built at the construction site, and this meant high labor costs, messes, and downtime. Now that plaster molding is reinforced with steel, fiberglass, and other materials, it can be fabricated in the shop and then installed on-site by expert craftsmen.


Plaster molding is ideal for a broad array of applications. Plaster that's used for ornamental purposes is lightweight and easily formed. It can be used to produce intricate wall and ceiling designs, fireplace mantels, domes, niches, and cornices. Plaster molding can be fabricated to follow any curve or radius. A plaster molding company can create original designs, adapt their existing decorative work, or reproduce work from any design or specification. A plaster molding company can also restore and stabilize historic ornamental plasterwork that has been damaged.

Ornamental plaster molding is the material of choice for designers who want to adorn wall openings and the transition between the wall and ceiling. Not only is plaster molding highly versatile and expressive, it is also very durable and accepts a variety of finishes. In addition, plaster molding is noted for its uniform hardness. Since it can consistently be produced according to highly specific terms, costly finishing operations like machining are not required.

Plaster Molding New York

In interior design, plaster molding has been used for centuries to enhance the design aesthetic of a room. Types and styles of molding have evolved alongside interior design. Lucky for those of us that live in the modern era, we are now privy to an enormous amount of designs from every bygone era. The only problem is: how do you choose what style to incorporate in your home? When choosing plaster molding, New York City architecture can be a good place to gather ideas for your home's design. All of Big Apple's notable structures have complementary molding styles that you can apply to your design plans.


Fireplace Mantel Design Ideas

Are you thinking about changing your fireplace mantel, or getting a fireplace mantel installed? Fireplace mantels can help your fireplace stand out and become the focal point of your room. Depending on how you plan to use your room, different focal points will draw different emotions. Using a television as your focal point can often take away from social gatherings and family time. You might choose to arrange your room around an interesting piece of furniture or an exotic artwork. If you decide to use your fireplace as the focal point, the room can take on the characteristics of the fireplace mantel. That's why it is important to choose your mantel with care, considering the implications on your room's style and feel.


Types of Architectural Molding

Architectural molding is a chic addition to any home's interior design. Moldings can be practical or decorative, depending on placement, and the molding's profile can help enhance your room's aesthetic. Some moldings may give your room an understated elegance, while others might work to enhance historical charm. There is great value in knowing the different types of architectural molding as it allows you to ensure that your room's furnishings complement the existing moldings, or vice versa.


Creative Ways to Use Crown Molding in your Home

Installing crown molding is an easy and effective way to alter the aesthetic of your home. These are a few creative ways to use crown molding with your interior design.


Using Ornamental Plaster in Interior Design

Plaster, sometimes referred to as plaster of Paris, is certainly seeing a revival in the world of interior design. The once popular method of ornamentation is now seen as a great way to enhance room aesthetics. Moldings, finials, and other design elements allow designers to incorporate styling from a certain era or stylistic period. Whether your preferred design is neo-Gothic, Renaissance, Contemporary, Art-Deco, or any other style, plaster can be used to help underscore the room's desired style.


Choosing the Right Decorative Plaster Molding

As with any home improvement project, there are a lot of details that must be considered if you want the very best aesthetic outcome. Decorative plaster moldings come in all sorts of shapes, styles, and sizes, and what you need is often best determined by assessing any interior design elements you have already incorporated in your home.


Should I Hire a Plaster Molding NY Contractor?

Plaster molding can easily lend an upscale polish to any home. Many older homes frequently used ornamental plaster molding; NY brownstones and swanky, antiquated apartment buildings made elegant use of this technique to spice up the design aesthetic. Whether your new apartment or home already has plaster molding, or you simply wish to incorporate molding into your interior design, you should first decide if you need to hire a contractor.


How to Repair Plaster Molding - Toronto

Plaster molding can add elegant, old-world charm to any residence. The charm quickly fades, however, when you begin to have problems with your plaster molding. Toronto is filled with homes that make use of ornamental molding to add texture and class, but some of these homes and buildings are decades, even centuries old. It stands to reason, then, that after years of wear and tear, a lot of older plaster molding is beginning to wear down, crack, break, and otherwise beg for repairs.

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